Posted by: smallbridge | December 12, 2007

7 facts

Johanna asked me for 7 radom/wired facts about myself. I try to answer in english as good as I can:

I spare emissions. I alway go by train orI’m walking.

I sing on the street – but only if no one beside me.

I do not like playing.

It would be a disaster if the contents of my refrigeratorwould be public.

I like green jelly.


So that’s enough.

But who to tag? That is apparently part of the game….tag 7 people back and link to the tagger…










  1. Hi Lovely…I’d be happy to pick up your tag. How are you doing lately? I haven’t visited for a while. Your English is coming along rather beautifully! Good work! xoxo

  2. […] December 12, 2007 I’ve been tagged for “Seven Random/Weird Things about Me” by Claudia at the Narrow Bridge.  Claudia is a lady in Germany that is bravely making a few posts in English – you should visit […]

  3. Thanks a lot! I feel good, when I read such a nice compliment.

  4. […] responses Claudia tagged me for a little meme, and while I don’t normally join in on this type of thing, this […]

  5. Gutes Neues Jahr Claudia!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Happy New Year, dear mermaid!

  7. Claudia! I’ve left you something special at my site (all you have to do is “right-click and save as…and you can post the avatar where ever you like). My gift to you!

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